Alexandria Park


The Palace-and-Park ensemble "Alexandria", was the place for regular summer vacations of the four generations of the Romanov dynasty. It adjoins to the eastern border of the official emperor's residence, separated with the wall from the Lower Park.

The ticket is valid for the entrance to the park and to the museum Palace Telegraph Station. Special price: 200 (normal price 550 ).

In case you plan to visit Lower Park and then walk around Upper Garden or Alexandria Park on the same day, before you go back to the Lower Park you need to pick up a one-day pass bracelet at the administration of Peterhof. It is located at 2 Razvodnaya st., the door with the sign "Administration of Peterhof" (in Russian «АДМИНИСТРАЦИЯ ГМЗ "ПЕТЕРГОФ"» - see maps below). The administrator gives the bracelet pass to those who show a ticket to the Lower Park not later than 20.00.

200 RUB

Peterhof, 5 Sankt-Peterburgsky Prospekt

Closest metro station:

Getting there:
Bus No. 200 and 210; minibus No. 224, 300, 424, 424-А

+7 (812) 450-56-52


Open hours:
Daily: 09.00-22:00, tickets till 17:00. After 17.00 free admittance