"Russia in Great War" Museum


The "Russia in Great War" museum was opened In August 2014, at the Martial Chamber in Tsarskoye Selo. The display mainly includes authentic weaponry and military life items of the First World War participants, documentaries and photographs from the Tsarskoye Selo Museum’s collections. Among the exhibits – the whole range of machine guns of the time, uniforms of different countries, personal items of those who was at the Great War, awards and weapons.The compositional focus of this display is a replica of the French fighter Nieuport 17 of the First World War period. The exposition also features an authentic Ford automobile.

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5a, Fermskaya road, Pushkin

+ 7 (812) 415 76 92


Open hours:
Daily: 10.00 — 18.00 Tickets until 17.00 Closed: Wednesday, last Thursday of the month