"Pryanosti & Radosti"


The restaurant’s cuisine is a signature mix of European dishes and Oriental schemes. Speciaaly for this project, the brand chief Izo Dzandzava composed some new combinations of flavors. She added secret spices to the Armenian dock soup, and combined Balkaria style lakumy with smoked suluguni cheese and Kalmyk tea. 

The outer-space black walls and a huge, carbonic-lattice-like lamp at the Molecula hall will tune you into the business environment. The best place for a solid family dinner is the room with a vintage buffet, old TV set and the view of the Church of Ss. Simeon and Anna from the elegant floor-to-ceiling windows. 

Average bill: 1300 RUB

10% discount* from your bill with St. Petersburg Card

*the discount is not cumulative with other offers and is not applicable to delivery service, hookas, tea list and dinner events; not available during St. Petersburg economic forum (in 2016 held since 16 to 18 June)

10% discount from the bill with St.Petersburg Card

5, Belinskogo street

Closest metro station:

+7 (812) 640-16-16