Museum of St. Petersburg Art (20th–21st centuries)


The Museum of St. Petersburg Art (20th–21st centuries) is a depository of a unique collection representing productions of the artists of Russia’s Cultural Capital. At present, the collection has ca. 3,000 items, covering the entire Petrograd-Leningrad-St. Petersburg period in the history of arts. It includes works of different styles and trends, created in the city in the course of two centuries, viz. the Avant-Garde of the 1920s, post-WW-II Socialist Realism, the ‘left wing’ of the Artists’ Union and the Underground of the 1960s–70s, and up to the post-Perestoika period and nowadays. Nowadays, the Museum does not have a permanent exhibition, but temporary exhibitions are being constantly organized in the Main Building.

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 150 RUB

103 Griboyedov Canal Emb.

Closest metro station:
Sennaya ploschad/Sadovaya/Spasskaya or Nevsky proslekt/Admiralteyskaya

Getting there:
From Nevsky proslekt/Admiralteyskaya: Bus № 3, 22, 27 till the station Teatralnaya ploshchad

+7 (812) 314-98-94, +7 (812) 312-25-54


Open hours:
During exhibitions:
Tuesday, Thursday — Sunday: 12.00–20.00;
Wednesday: 14.00–21.00.
Closed: Monday