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Hermitage Rossi (The General Staff Building)
Theatre history exhibits in Sheremetev palace on September 20 – January 23


Cabin of Peter the Great

the oldest building in Saint Petersburg, home to Peter I during early days of the city's construction

Menshikov Palace

palace of Peter's closest companion - the center of cultural life in St Petersburg back in the XVIII century

Aurora Cruiser

The legend of the Russian fleet, which played an important role in key historical events. 

Rumyantsev Mansion

XIX century luxury interiors alongside permanent expositions related to the Soviet era

Suvorov Museum

Russia's first memorial museum dedicated to the great war general of Empress Catherine II

"Krassin" icebreaker

the oldest arctic vessel in Russia, which participated in exploring the Northern Sea Route

Museum of Bread

take a fresh look at the history of mankind through the history of bread