Cabin of Peter the Great


A wooden Cabin of Peter I on the Petrogradskaya Side is a witness of the first days of the city. In the papers of Peter's time it was called «The Original Palace» or «The Red Mansion». It was built of pine logs in three days - 24-26 May 1703. In the late XIX century a small garden was laid out around the Cabin. On special occasions the members of the Emperor's family planted oaks there using a special silver spade. Some of these trees still grow. Peter took care of the preservation of the Original Palace. In 1723 a «case» - an open stone gallery with a roof - was built to protect the Cabin in adverse weather.

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6, Petrovskaya emb.

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Bus 46, minibuses K46, K76

+7 (812) 232-45-76


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