"Krassin" icebreaker


“Krassin” icebreaker is the oldest arctic vessel in Russia with a very rich history and distinguished career. Originally it was built for the Imperial Navy, played a significant role in exploring the Northern Sea Route and participated in rescue operations. During WWII, under heavy Nazi bombardment the ship heroically led Arctic convoys to the Soviet Union, carrying strategic supplies. It has been restored to full operating condition and is now a floating museum on the Neva river. Come aboard, walk on the deck, visit the captain cabin and crew bunks, see one of the largest steam engines in the world and feel the romantic adventure of polar exploration.

Visitors are gathered in groups and accompanied with a Russian speaking guide. The museum will provide you with a flyer containing a lot of interesting facts about the exposition in English and Chinese, exhibit labels are done in English.

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 600 RUB

Vasilievsky island, Lieutenant Schmidt embankment, line 23

Closest metro station:

+7 (812) 325-35-47


Open hours:
Daily: 10.00 - 18.00; tickets until 17.00. Closed: Monday, Tuesday, last Wednesday of the month