Peter and Paul Fortress


On February 23 and March 8 and 25 the museum is open.

The Fortress and the city foundation

Peter and Paul Fortress was founded on May 27th , 1703. This day also marks the beginning of the city’s foundation. As legend has it, Peter I chose a special place for the new fortress – it was a small Zayachy island (“Jenisaari” in Finnish), situated in the estuary of the Neva river. This location was perfect for maintaining Russian ascendancy in the Baltic Sea and becoming “the window to Europe” according to Peter's strategy. The project of the citadel was designed by the Emperor himself with the participation of J.‑G. Lambert, a French engineer. It is constructed in the shape of a hexagram - six curtains link six great bastions, named after Peter`s friends.

What's inside

The Fortress never took part in actual war actions, but served as the main political prison for a while, back in the XIX century. It was during the reign of Emperor Alexander I that it was first opened for visitors. The centerpiece of the Fortress is the magnificent golden-topped Peter and Paul Cathedral, which became a burial place of the Romanovs’ dynasty. Other main sights include prison of the Trubetskoy Bastion, the Mint and Museum of the City's History ("Komendantsky Dom").

Peter and Paul Fortress is included in the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg. It is one of the greatest historical museums in Russia, presenting the 300-years history, culture and day-to-day life of the Russian Northern capital.

St. Petersburg Card includes free entrance to Peter and Paul Cathedral, Grand Ducal Burial Chapel and the prison in Trubetskoi bastion.


The free ticket is provided in the ticket office that work with organised groups, located next to the Cathedral facade (see scheme and photo below). For your attention: on special occasions tour guides receive priority service; tourists with St. Petersburg Card are served in the order of arrival. 

On April 7, May 28, August 19 and 28, September 21, December 4 the museums can be visited starting from 11.00.
On July 12 the museums can be visited starting from 14.00.
On April 6, May 27, July 11, August 18 and 27, September 20 the museums can be visited till 17.45.

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Peter and Paul Fortress

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