Raznochinny Petersburg


The name of the museum originates from the word "raznochintsi", which basically means "commoners who made their living by intellectual jobs". "Raznochinny Petersburg" is located right in the building where such people of various social strata could rent apartments in the XVIII – early XX centuries. A collection of private belongings and interior elements gives you an authentic feel of their everyday life.

Although not distinguished by noble birth, some of these people played a key role in Russian history. Among them was Vladimir Uljanov-Lenin, the leader of the Great Socialist Revolution. In the museum you can visit his room where he lived in 1894-1895, as well as see various documents related to his activity on emancipation of the working class.

Other special features are an exposition telling many interesting facts on the city's history, and the authentic "Siege room" of a little girl, which doesn't fail to affect any visitor.

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7, Bolshoy Kazachy lane

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Trolleybuses 3, 8, 15

+7 (812) 407-52-20


Open hours:
Daily: 11.00 - 17.00, Saturday: 11.00 - 15.00, closed: Sunday, Monday and on the last Thursday of each month