Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines


From March 17, 2020 the museum is closed for an uncertain period because of COVID-19.

The Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines like a time machine takes visitors into a Soviet Era a few decades ago! Here you can find the arcade machines produced in the USSR since the mid-1970s: Sea battle, Highway, Sniper, Tank Practice and many others. Along with the entrance ticket, visitors get the original Soviet 15-kopek coins to operate and play the games. Here you not only enjoy the games and the memories but also feel how life changes and moves forward.

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 450 RUB

2, Konyushennaya square

Closest metro station:
Nevsky Prospect

+ 7 (812) 740-02-40


Open hours:
Daily: 11.00 — 20.00