Kronshtadt History Museum


Kronshtadt is located on the island of Kotlin, which is about 26 km away from St Petersburg. It was founded by Peter the Great, who intended Kronshtadt to serve as a naval base for the state, and has always played an important role in Russian history.

In September 2014 a new building of the Kronstadt history museum opened its doors to visitors. It is located in close proximity to the Naval Cathedral and hosts an expanded exposition, devoted to a more than 300-year history of Kronshtadt city. The exhibits tell about the construction of forts and urban buildings, everyday life of sailors and citizens, special traditions prevailing in this unique city-fortress. 

One of the highlights of this new exposition is a "Siege room", which has now been renovated and evokes memories of the tragic XX century events. Also, for the first time the museum offers a detailed description dedicated to life in the post-war Kronstadt city. 

The old building of the historical water tower (2, Leningradskaya st.) now features an exposition of underwater archeological finds, telling the history of shipwrecks. 

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 200 RUB

2, Leningradskaya Street, Yakornaya square, 2a, Kronshtadt

Closest metro station:
Staraya Derevnya

Getting there:
Bus: 101 (bus stop near Honda car center)

+7 (812) 435-08-73


Open hours:
Daily: 11:00 - 18:00, tickets till 17:30. Closed: Wednesday