Naval Сathedral in Kronstadt


On December 30 - January 1 and January 7 the excursions are not held.

The Naval Сathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt is Russian Orthodox cathedral built in 1903–1913 as the main church of the Russian Navy and dedicated to all fallen seamen.

Tourists with St. Petersburg Card can join an excursion around the Central hall, second tier and to the choir of the cathedral.

The tours are in Russian only.

Meeting point: Kronshtadt, 3, Makarovskaya St., Historical Memorial Hall of A. S. Popov.

Excursions are held on Wed – Sun from 11.00 to 17.00.

Check exact time of the excursions by phone +7 (812) 311-00-08 on the day before the planned visit.

Sacred music concerts are held in the cathedral from 17.00 to 17.40. Nearest dates: November 24, December 8. Free admittance

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 400 RUB for an excursion. The cathedral has free admittance

5a, Yakornaya square, Kronstadt. Meeting point: 3, Makarovskaya St.

Closest metro station:
Chyornaya rechka, Staraya derevnya, Begovaya

Getting there:
From "Chyornaya rechka": mini-bus 405; from "Staraya derevnya": bus 101. From "Begovaya": both previous

+7 (812) 311-00-08


Open hours:
Excursions: Wed – Sun from 11.00 to 17.00; the cathedral is open daily 9.00-19.00