Oreshek Fortress


Oreshek fortress (Noteburg / Shlisselburg) is a unique military and defense, architectural, historical and archaeological monument of the 14-18 centuries located on the Orekhovy ("Walnut") island in the source of the Neva river. The fortress is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Origins of the Oreshek fortress date back to 1323. It was initially founded for protection of a lucrative trade route between Russia and the West Eropean countries, down the Neva and into the Gulf of Finland. In the XVII-XVIII centuries it took part in a number of wars of Russia with Sweden, and later was turned into a political prison as it lost its strategic importance. The final attack on Oreshek by German Nazis during World War II when it resisted artillery shelling for almost 500 days.

Tourists can visit can visit the Sercer house (the Old prison) and the New Prison, the foot fight of Korolevskaya ("The Royal") tower, and the walking route along the strands of the fortress "Ladoga promenade", where you can watch panoramic views of the Ladoga Lake and the Neva river.


Oreshek fortress is open for visitors daily from May, 1 to October, 31.

The fortress is out of the city. Ferries to the fortress come from left shore of the river (Shlisselburg) and the right shore (village named after Morozov, Petrokrepost). Ferries operate during the opening hours of the museum, the last ferry to the fortress departs 1 hour before the museum closes.

Free with
St Petersburg Card
Normal Ticket Price: 250 RUR

Leningrad region, Shlisselburg, Oreshek Fortress

Closest metro station:
Ulitsa Dybenko, Ploschad Lenina

Getting there:
Ul. Dybenko: bus No 575 to Shlisselburg or
No. 511 to posyolok imeni Morozova (пос. им. Морозова) or
suburban train from Finlyandsky railway station to Petrokreost.
Frome htere – by ferry

+7 (921) 583-51-22


Open hours:
on working days: 10:00-18:00,
on week-end 10:00-19:00.
on working days: 10:00-17:00,
on week-end 10:00-18:00