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Cabin of Peter the Great

the oldest building in Saint Petersburg, home to Peter I during early days of the city's construction

Menshikov Palace

The palace of Peter the Great's closest companion - the center of cultural life in St Petersburg back in the XVIII century

Rumyantsev Mansion

XIX century luxury interiors alongside permanent expositions related to the Soviet era

Suvorov Museum

Russia's first memorial museum dedicated to the great war general of Empress Catherine II

"Krassin" icebreaker

the oldest arctic vessel in Russia, which participated in exploring the Northern Sea Route

Museum of Bread

take a fresh look at the history of mankind through the history of bread

Russian Political Police Museum

history of Russian secret police from tsarist to Bolshevik times supported by documentary evidence and photos. Closed for reconstruction till 08.2020


Museum of Urban Sculpture

treasures of St. Petersburg memorial art, burial places of famous Russian writers, composers and architects

The Art of Fan Museum

a unique private collection of more than 300 fans from almost every corner of the world

Museum Palaces

Marble Palace

a neoclassical building with natural marble facades, built for Count Orlov - Catherine the Great favourite

Stroganov Palace

aristocratic residence of the famous Stroganov family, facing Moyka river and featuring lovely baroque exteriors


Кazan Cathedral

one of the biggest cathedrals of St. Petersburg, functioning orthodox church


Dostoevsky Museum

the apartment of one of the most influential Russian Golden Age novelists. Closed for reconstruction: August 1 — December 31

Alexander Blok Museum

an apartment museum where Alexander Blok, Russian lyrical poet, spent the last nine years of his life

Derzhavin Estate Museum

the meeting place of Russian literary and political elite in the late XVIII - early XIX cent.

Music & Theatre

Museum of Theatre

the history of Russian theatre from XVIII to XX century unfolds in the unique exposition of objects

Chaliapin Museum

apartment of F. Chaliapin - one of the most expressive bass singers on the world opera stage

Samoilov Family Museum

The exposition of the museum tells about ballet art and the imperial theaters of St. Petersburg

Scientific and Technical

Zoological Museum

an impressive zoological collection including the only stuffed and mounted adult mammoth in the world

Museum of Printing

former printing house which illustrates the development of typographic art in Russia

The Universe of Water

fascinating introduction into the world of water in both practical and mysterious ways

Outside the City


one of the best Royal palace ensembles in Europe, famous for its magnificent fountain system


a scenic beauty which ranks among the greatest landscape parks in Europe

Gatchina Palace & Park

enjoy the special atmosphere of this Royal country seat and glorious XVIII century interiors

Priory Palace

a Gothic-style palace originally intended as a priory for knights of the Maltese order

Lighthouse museum

The Lighthouse museum is located on the fort "Grand Duke Konstantin". Here you can find out how the "guardians of the seas" have changed.

Fort “Grand Duke Konstantin”

One of the most significant fortifications of Kronshtadt fortress and undoubtedly, the most remarkable from the engineering point of view

Pushkin Lyceum Museum

a prestigious educational institution in the XIX century, where Alexander Pushkin poetic genius came to life

The Shed Museum

another one of secret shelters used by Vladimir Lenin, the leader of Russian Bolsheviks