Peterhof and Alexandria


Peterhof  is located 30 km west of St. Petersburg on the Finnish Gulf and Alexandria lies to the east of Peterhof Lower Park. 
Buses № 200 and 210; mini-bus № 224, № 300, №424, № 424-А 
Departure from St. Petersburg: bus stop near 75, Stachek avenue ("Avtovo" metro station).
Peterhof: bus stop “Fountany” (Fountains) or "Razvodnaya street" near the Upper garden.
Alexandria Park, Cottage Palace: bus stop “Alexandria, Cottage”.  

Otherwise, you can use a speedboat "Meteor" which departs from 2, Admiralteyskaya embankment ("Pier with Lions") or 2, Angliyskaya embankment ("Senatskaya pristan") and arrives at the Lower Gardens in Peterhof. A one-way trip is free with St Petersburg Card.