Peterhof and Alexandria


Peterhof  is located 30 km west of St. Petersburg on the Finnish Gulf and Alexandria lies to the east of Peterhof Lower Park. 
Buses № 200 and 210; mini-bus № 224, № 300, №424, № 424-А 
Departure from St. Petersburg: bus stop near 75, Stachek avenue ("Avtovo" metro station).
Peterhof: bus stop “Fountany” (Fountains) or "Razvodnaya street" near the Upper garden.
Alexandria Park, Cottage Palace: bus stop “Alexandria, Cottage”.  

Otherwise, you can use a speedboat "Meteor" which departs from 2, Admiralteyskaya embankment ("Pier with Lions") or 2, Angliyskaya embankment ("Senatskaya pristan") and arrives at the Lower Gardens in Peterhof. A one-way trip is free with St Petersburg Card. Hydrofoils cruise during the navigation period which is set according to weather conditions. Normally it is from the end of April to the beginning of October.