How to use the transport e-purse


Saint Petersburg Card is integrated with a rechargeable city travel pass which can be used to pay the fare on all types of public transportation, including metro, buses, trolleybuses and trams.

Before use, you need to top up its balance either at metro cash desks or at e-terminals located in metro station ground halls. Please note that this money cannot be charged back. 

When travelling by metro, touch the Card on a turnstile to pay for your trip.

In buses, trolleybuses and trams touch the Card on a card reader (stationary or hand-held by the conductor). The usual cost of a trip will be written off the Card.

The transport e-purse has a 10-minute "time-out" period, which means you cannot use it again during 10 minutes, once the Card has been read by the device. That is, you cannot pay for two or more people with one Card.

St Petersburg Card transport e-purse will be valid for 3 years since it was last recharged.

 For more information on transport e-purse and its terms of use please visit  or