St. Petersburg hosts the 2018 FIFA World Cup


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11 cities of Russia, including St. Petersburg, will host the World Cup 2018 from June 14 to July 15.

Football fans will be able to visit the following matches of the 2018 World Cup in St. Petersburg:

June 15, 6 PM | MOROCCO – IRAN
June 19, 9 PM | RUSSIA – EGYPT
July 3,  5 PM | ⅛ of the playoffs SWEDEN – SWITZERLAND
July 10, 9 PM | semi-final match 
July 14, 5 PM | the match for the third place

The matches will be held at the stadium «Saint Petersburg», located on the Krestovsky Island on the shore of the Gulf of Finland.


St. Petersburg is famous for its sightseeings, the most famous of which are the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, magnificent royal palaces and majestic cathedrals. However, monuments of architecture and a collection of worldwide known works of art are not all that our city can offer. Many places are dedicated to football, its history and traditions.

Stadium «Petrovsky» is one of football attractions of St. Petersburg: it has been the main football arena of the city on the Neva until recently. The first football match took place here in 1925. The stadium was completely destroyed during the WWII and rebuilt in 1957-1960.

«Dynamo», built in 1929, is another famous stadium. The first match of the USSR football championships was held at «Dynamo» in the spring of 1936 in the presence of 12 thousands visitors. One of famous siege matches was held at the stadium on May, 31 in 1942. Thus, the city, which was surrounded by the Nazi troops, demonstrated the moral power and the intention to get back to a peaceful life. The monument «Siege football» was installed at the stadium in memory of this match.


The main football club of St. Petersburg «Zenit» has repeatedly become the champion of the country, took part in the main international competitions of clubs and holds the UEFA Cup 2007-2008.

One of the most important projects of the club is making its own museum «Zenit». A permanent exhibition made of archives and belongings of the St. Petersburg the main team will be opened at the stadium «St. Petersburg».

Those, who want to buy a football souvenir, can visit the official store of Football Club «Zenit».

Good news for tourists, coming to St. Petersburg for the Championship: international tourists can receive tax free returns in four Russian cities since January 2018. These are St. Petersburg, Moscow, Sochi and Krasnogorsk. The innovation will bring tangible benefits to football fans, who will come to Russia for the Championship: the service allows them to return 10-12% of the cost of purchases.